Yoga for Harmony and Peace

Other more practical tenets of Yoga that are integral to life will be in focus in the specially constructed pandal. It will house stalls, photographic and other displays, a space for interactive sessions, and an open platform for dialogue and consultancy. These activities will illuminate the role played by yogis and yoginis as well as new-age gurus and spiritual leaders, both in India and other parts of the world, in promoting health and happiness among the general populace. There will also be demonstrations and presentations related to lifestyle, medicine, organic and herbal products, as well as a wide variety of organic cuisine for the public to savour. Lecture-demonstrations as well as consultations on Yoga, its benefits and influence on our everyday lives are integral to the plan.

Experts invited to make presentations include:

Mandakini Trivedi
Navtej Singh Johar
Masako Ono
Ranjana Gauhar
Aloka Kanungo
Chittaranajan Acharya
Isha Foundation
SNA’s Chhau Project
Thang-ta (Delhi artists)
Nivedita Joshi
Alka Tyagi
Nisha Mahajan
Shagun Butani